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Are you experiencing any pain, fear or stress? If you are, I can help you! By using the The Lifeline Techniquetm your body can heal naturally. I do this by accessing your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind  is the mind that holds on to all your beliefs, emotions, and monitors all of your bodies functions (heart beat, digestion, regeneration, etc.). By accessing the subconscious mind, I lead the subconscious mind to your vision of health, wealth or well being.  Please read the FAQ page and email ( with any questions. I am here to help. May the power of infinite love and gratitude guide you on your journey.

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LifeLine Techniquetm explained by Dr. Darren Weissman (founder and teacher of the LifeLine Techniquetm)


"The most satisfying thing in life is to have been able to give a large part of oneself to others."

   - Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

“The impact of our thoughts and feeling on the body is well documented, and the new field of psychoneuroimmunolgy relates this to the health of the immune system. Through techniques such as visualization, affirmations , and even prayer we can strengthen our immune systems and enhance the cleansing/healing process. If we try to heal our bodies but remain angry, stressed, or guilty in our minds, the healing will take longer and be more difficult. But if we can cleanse our minds of negative, impure thought and emotions, replacing the, with joy, love and trust, the physical cleansing and healing will be easier and more fulfilling.”

Donna Gates - author

The Body Ecology Diet